Edouard Pauwels – Homepage


I am a professor at the Toulouse School of Economics working in the mathematics and statistics department.

Contact: edouard pauwels at tse-fr eu (fill the two blank spaces in italic style with dots)
Direction: Office 207, Second floor, TSE building, 1 Esplanade de l'université , 31080 Toulouse Cedex 06.
Phone: 0561128510

Resume: english.

Research interests

Numerical optimization, machine learning.

Short Bio

From 2015 to 2023, I was an assistant professor at Toulouse computer science institute (IRIT), in Toulouse France, working in ADRIA team. I have been collaborating with Toulouse Math Institute (IMT) in the context of the CIMI project and the ANITI project.

From October 2014 to July 2015, I was a Postdoc in the Operation Research Group in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management in Technion, Israel. I was supervised by professor Shoham Sabach and collaborating with professor Amir Beck on large scale convex optimization.

Between January and September 2014, I was a postdoc in MAC team at LAAS-CNRS under the supervision of Didier Henrion and Jean-Bernard Lasserre, working on the development of polynomial optimization methods for the inverse problem in optimal control with an application to human locomotion.

I got a PhD in November 2013 at Center for computational biology in Mines ParisTech, under the supervision of professor Veronique Stoven. I also visited professor Sandrine Dudoit for four month in UC Berkeley in spring 2012. I have been working on application of machine learning methods to chemogenomics, drug side-effects prediction, analysis of cell population image data (HCS), next generation sequencing and experimental design for non linear dynamical system characterization.